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2007 Dodge Magnum


Dodge Magnum

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  • •During service, found engine oil pressure sender leaking rapidly. Need to replace oil pressure sender ASAP. •Engine oil level below readable level on dipstick, indicating oil at least 2.5 quarts low. Recommend replace engine oil and filter. •Battery fails load test. Recommend replace battery ASAP. •
  • •Left front tie rod was recently replaced, and has not yet been aligned. •Road test vehicle. Check all suspension and steering parts for wear. Check tire pressure and condition. Check ride height. Check alignment of all four wheels. Adjust caster, camber, toe, and thrust angle as needed on front wheels. If alignment cannot be brought within specification by adjustment, inspect for bent/damaged components. Center steering wheel. •Adjusted front and rear toe angles to bring into specification. Clunking noise from front end when driving, but no loose components found during inspection. Suspect one or both front struts may be worn out, and causing noise.
  • •Owner states engine runs poorly, and check engine is on. •Diagnose cause of issue(s) and check for recommended tune-up/maintenance. •"ESP BAS" (electronic stability program & brake assist system) light and traction control/wheel slip/electronic throttle fault warning lamp (amber pictogram of vehicle sliding) illuminated. •Using computer scan tool, found following diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) stored in system: -P0340 – Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1) •Using live data function on scan tool, verified camshaft position sensor intermittently failing; output voltage drops to 0 randomly while engine is running. Need to replace camshaft position sensor. •ESP BAS and traction control lights on due to following DTCs: -C121C – Torque Request Signal Denied -C123F – Steering Angle Sensor Comparative Performance No issues found during inspection that appear to be contributing to the two above DTCs. Cleared codes, then ran vehicle self-test and performed road test. Warning lights have not come back on as of this time. If lights come back on, further diagnostic work will be required to determine cause of problem.
  • •Remove all four wheels and swap position front to rear. Visually inspect condition of brakes while wheels are removed. Does not include labor time for any disassembly of brake components beyond slip-on brake drums, if equipped. •Brake lining remaining is: Front (7mm) Rear (4mm) •Brakes OK at this time.
  • Lubricate and check chassis where applicable. Change engine oil and oil filter. Check air filter, breather filter and fluid levels. Road test vehicle. Verify correct oil level after service. Install oil change reminder sticker on windshield. Reset maintenance reminder, if equipped.
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